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Fours reason to get your carpet professionally cleaned regularly

We often only think about the health of our carpet based on what we can see. We give it regular vacuuming to get rid of visible surface dirt, or a stain treatment if something has spilled.

But the surface only tells part of the story… have you ever given much thought to what remains below the surface, stuck deep in your carpet’s fibres?

Usually we wouldn’t recommend thinking about this sort of thing… but, just for a moment, consider how much action your carpet has seen in recent months? Especially during these winter months and lockdown!

When was the last time it had a deep professional clean, to really get rid of the dirt, grime and germs that’s been building up? If you can’t remember the last time… we’d say that’s a sign it needs one ASAP!

Here are our top 4 reasons why you need to professionally clean your carpets every 3 – 6 months:

1. Carpet attracts oily residue… which attracts dirt!

Oily residues come from everywhere – you, your pets, cooking, outside environments and so on. These residues cannot be seen by our eyes, but they can cause havoc for your carpets! They dry on the carpet and then attract more dirt, which gets “locked in” to your carpet fibres. This isn’t something that can be broken down by a regular air vacuum cleaner, it requires a hot water treatment to lift and dissolve oils and suck out trapped dirt! If these residues are left to build up, over time it can lead to permanent ‘traffic lane’ patterns will form, making your carpet look run down and tatty.

2. Extend your carpets lifespan, keep it looking like new for longer!

Did you know a lot of the dirt that gets stuck in your carpet (like sand and soil) is grinding away at the carpet fibres each time you walk, stand or sit on it! This means it is more at risk of tearing and/or balding unless your carpets are getting regular deep cleans to suck all dirt out of the fibres.

3. Stop your carpet getting “full” so you can stay healthy!

Part of your carpet’s job is to filter air pollutants by trapping them in its fibres. Pollutants like chemicals, bacteria, pollen, smoke and residues, so that they don’t linger in the air of your home and cause sickness. But it can only hold so much until it gets full, and then what happens… there is no longer any more room to trap and hold these pollutants, so they stay in the air or land on your other surfaces. The only way to remove these trapped pollutants, and “empty” your carpet is with regular deep cleaning that gets right to the root of the fibre and extracts everything trapped.

4. Help keep asthma, eczema or allergies at bay

Carpets that aren’t regularly cleaned can get clogged with dust (hello sneezing) and dust mites! Dust mites’ droppings have been known to trigger asthma attacks and inflame allergies, general asthma symptoms, and eczema. If you have kids that suffer from any of these and they are rolling or playing around on dirty carpets, it may be making symptoms worse. Often people are searching for solutions to allergies or other conditions when the problem can be right under our feet in our homes. Make sure you are giving your carpet regular deep cleans to keep it dust and germ free, for you and your family’s health!

If these points have made you think a little more about what may be hiding right under your… feet, and you’re after a professional carpet clean, we can help!

From only $180, one of our local carpet cleaning experts can come to your home, with top of the line equipment, and get your carpets looking, feeling and smelling FRESH!

You can either book online or get in touch for more information!

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