Residential Carpet Cleaning

Moving house – either in or out, or if you just want to give your carpet a spruce up to keep it looking and smelling good while prolonging its life, Wellington Carpet Cleaning is your best choice.

Using systems, equipment and by not using harsh chemicals and detergents, our carpet cleaning process leaves your carpet in the best possible condition for a reasonable cost.  It pulls the deep down dirt from your carpet, dirt vacuum cleaners can’t get out and removes it leaving your carpet fresh and prolonging its life.

By using quality equipment, we don’t use much water and with proper extraction techniques your carpet will be dry in the shortest possible time.

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Residential Carpet Cleaning - Terms & Conditions
  • Our residential carpet cleaning is priced by the number of bedrooms a house or apartment has.  Factored into this is an allowance for a “standard hallway, lounge and dining areas”.  
  • Stain/Spot Removal – while we try our best to successfully remove carpet stains and spots, we cannot guarantee their removal. Stain removal is dependant on the type of stain and it’s age.
  • Ideally rooms should be empty, or as empty as possible.  Moving furniture is the clients responsibilty.  We are carpet cleaners, not furniture movers.  We will help by moving lighter items as we clean such as dining chairs etc.  Excessive amounts to be moved can be done for an extra charge to reflect the additional time taken.  This excludes heavy items of furniture and anything with a screen on it.  For example, where one person can move a couch or armchair, dining table etc.
  • Pricing is based on carpets being soiled through normal use.  Where a carpet is badly soiled and will therefore take longer and more materials to clean, we will charge extra. This is assessed during the pre clean inspection and will be discussed before work commences.
  • If parking is not available on-site, any costs for parking will be on charged.
  • Access to power and water is needed to clean your carpet and/or upholstery.
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