While mopping, vacuuming and/or sweeping floors can be a chore that’s easily neglected, but there is no doubt a sparkling clean floor makes a home look and feel fresh! Plus the time and energy you put into floor maintenance now will likely save you the cost of repairs and replacement in the future.

Before you get out that mop and bucket, its important to remember that different kinds of floors have different requirements for maintenance.

Have a read below to find the safest, and most effective way to clean your hard flooring.


Concrete Floors:

  1. Concrete is porous so make sure you protect your concrete floors with a commercial-grade sealant, this will prevent moisture seeping into the surface, especially when you go to wash it.
  2. Sweep or vacuum concrete floors before washing to pick up any debris and dust.
  3. Wash with regular warm water, detergent and mop or scrub any particularly grimy patches.


Ceramic Tile Floors:

  1. Tile floors are easy to clean. To maintain their sheen regular wet mopping (with a neutral floor cleaning solution) or steam mopping will do the job!
  2. For an extra touch, use an old tooth brush to clean the grout.
  3. You can also scrub tile floors if they need a particularly deep clean.


Linoleum Floors:

  1. Easy to maintain with regular vacuuming, dusting or sweeping. If you want to give them a wash, a quick spruce up with a damp mop will also work.
  2. To remove the inevitable scuff marks on lino, use a linoleum-friendly floor wax applied generously. Then polish it off with a lightly dampened cloth.


Hard Wood Floors:

  1. Rule number one for cleaning hard wood floors – water is the enemy! It dulls your woods finish and can often cause unsightly and irreversible staining. So with this being said, unless your wood floors have been treated with polyurethane, NEVER use a wet mop or wash with water.
  2. Dust and wipe regularly with a soft, dry microfibre mop so you don’t scratch the wood.
  3. To clean only ever use wood-specific floor cleaner and follow the instructions carefully!


Laminate Floors:

  1. Avoid using water and traditional wet mopping methods, as water + laminate = DISASTER!
  2. Spray the floor with a laminate floor cleaner. Do it sparingly as you don’t want to oversaturate the floor and risk moisture seeping in through the cracks and causing the panels to raise and/or buckle.
  3. Wipe up floor spray with a washable, reusable microfibre mop until no excess liquid is left on the floor.


If you don’t have the time to keep on top of your cleaning, give our team a call today! All of our cleaners have been trained and are well versed in knowing which cleaning methods, tools and products to use on different materials. This will guarantee you floors are cleaned properly and their quality is maintained!

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